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A Welcome Note from Ciarán Kelly, Music Director

Ciarán Kelly, Music Director

Ciarán Kelly

“The Guinness Choir is one of Ireland’s most established and highly regarded choral societies, and has a rich tradition of performing much-loved works to the highest of standards. It is a privilege for me to continue the legacy left by the choir’s founder Victor Leeson, and his esteemed successors John Dexter and David Milne.

After a period of relatively little singing since 2020, now is a time of rejuvenation and re-imagination for the Guinness Choir, and I look forward immensely to what we will create together.

We have exciting plans for the present and the future, looking ahead to our seventy-fifth anniversary in a few years’ time.

I look forward to working with you and creating wonderful music together”.



The Social Life of the Choir

We are a very sociable choir and membership of the choir is not just about singing but about meeting and making new friends. Our half-time break at rehearsal offers everyone the chance to mingle and chat. Members are encouraged to make new acquaintances.

A booklet is produced each year giving the names and a headshot of each member, to help us all recognise each other.

After each rehearsal, members can meet locally for a drink to which everyone is invited. Our preferred venue is Murphy’s Pub, Upper Rathmines Road. After a concert we normally arrange to meet at a nearby hostelry for a quiet drink! Once or twice a season we arrange a musical workshop, which might involve an overnight outside of Dublin. We also try to organise a Fund-Raising event which is great fun and other events are arranged from time to time.

These events give everyone the chance to get to know one another so do come along and enjoy the fun.

We hope that you enjoy singing with us.

The Choir Committee