The Guinness Choir is committed to the pursuit of good governance. The organisation complies with all regulatory requirements and operates in accordance with its governing document, the Constitution of the Choir, available here.

The choir is governed by a voluntary Committee, elected by the Members of the choir at its Annual General Meeting. The Committee includes representatives of each of the vocal parts. Posts are held on a defined rotating basis.

The choir keeps detailed books and records of accounts and maintains strict financial controls. The organisation produces annual financial reports, which are professionally reviewed and signed off at its Annual general Meeting.

Committee Members (2018/2019)

Chairperson: Clive Christie
Musical director: David Milne
Hon Secretary: Valerie Lang
Assistant Secretary: Ada Kelly
Hon Treasurer: Nuala O’Neill
Assistant Treasurer: Mary Ryan
Choir Manager: Vacant
Ticket Secretary: Celia Nichol
Shadow Ticket Secretary: Ag Piechocka
Librarian: Henry Mangan
Shadow Librarian: Liliana Mahu
Webmaster: Philip Thompson
Marketing: John Healy
Soprano Representative: Olwen Grindley
Alto Representative: Denise McEvoy
Tenor Representative: Dan Collins
Bass Representative: David Irwin

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