Self Isolation Choir

Inspired by our Playlists of beautiful choral music through the ages? Here’s a way that you can actually sing while in lockdown!
Join the Self Isolation Choir for a performance of the Messiah. The choir was set up just a couple of weeks ago as a response to the impact of the coronavirus. The two simple objectives are to provide an opportunity to sing and to raise money for the many unemployed musicians. There is a £14.95 Registration fee, £5 of which will be donated to musicians. Already there are approximately 3,000 singers registered from over 50 countries worldwide.
When you register you will receive an email with instructions and a link to a full score of the Messiah which you can download to your device. You can also access sectional voice recordings from Choraline, at a 50% reduction, to help you along.
Rehearsals of the full choir take place at 7. 30pm on each Monday, on the Self Isolation Choir YouTube channel, with Soprano rehearsal on Tuesday, Altos on Wednesday, Tenors on Thursday and Bass on Friday. Rehearsals are scheduled for one hour.
A full performance of Handel’s Messiah will take place on 31st May, with orchestra and soloists, under the direction of Ben England.
Ben has led a couple of rehearsals already, but is very encouraging of more singers to join as there is plenty of time to catch up.
This is an unusual way to prepare for and to sing the Messiah, of course, but a great way to sing a truly magnificent oratorio, amongst a global community of like-minded people, help alleviate the financial plight of so many musicians and to raise your own spirits during this challenging time.
Enjoy and Keep Well
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